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Why choose a wedding film?

Khush Magazine Article on Why Choose a wedding film?

Why choose a wedding Film


Established since 2002, X-quisite Photo and Video Stories are experts in capturing your precious Big Day moments with sensational photography and film. X-quisite’s leading man Milad Hussain explains why you should cost a wedding video into your Big Day budget.

Why choose a wedding film?
Wedding videography is just as important as photography. A photograph freezes a moment, but a wedding video is a much richer flashback to your Big Day, and you can use an endless mix of music, narration and voiceovers to create a feel and tone you’ll love.

Isn’t having a video dated?
Not at all! Technology has come a long way and wedding videos now are dramatically different to those dodgy wedding films you saw as a kid. We use top-of-the-range kit to produce a film of epic proportions that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen.

How do you create concepts?
It’s a collaborative process with clients, we want them to be involved every step of the way. Everyone’s different and naturally some couples are more adventurous than others. We recently made a lovely “Save the Date” video for a couple which was broadcast to their friends and family around the world. Our latest project is a music video-style shoot in Santorini for a couple’s reception entrance.

Why book X-quisite?
We offer photography and videography, and have been in the business for 13 years, making us a well-established pair of hands.
We do weddings of any scale, covering both the bride’s and groom’s sides with multiple photographers and videographers using DSLR cameras, interchangeable lenses, glide tracks, stabilisers, cranes and quad copters to ensure we capture an event from all angles.

Milad Hussain box:

“A driving desire for innovation puts X-quisite head and shoulders above our rivals. We’re not a bunch of wage slaves here; the entire team is wholeheartedly dedicated to making incredibly emotive and contemporary wedding films. Our passion, energy and desire to be different gives couples the confidence to book X-quisite”

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