1. Oh these photos take me back to my wedding three years ago.. the guys were great fun made us laugh shooting the whole movie.. I can see you have come a long way since then.. your current works amazing.. well done!

  2. woww ppl u luckin gawjus meeee 2… we ad a gr8 tym…sikkk weddin…been in manii lyk dis b4…me sistaz u alll lukkkin PPPPRITTY!!

  3. yeep ppl me fnd zartasha showed mee dis pics….nd me swearin dwn der mind blowin..x neva seen weddins lyk dis b4

  4. ppl u look gawjus me 2 aswell i hd a gr8 tym at da weddin ……..x sikkk neva seen weddin pics lyk dis in ma entireee lyf
    by da way zart i dnt rember meeting u at da weddin?

  5. Fantastiic .. m juzz in luv with the lenghaz .. can anyone tell me where she got her walima and barat lengha from? M actually gettin married in march dats why im searching .. Apki bahot help hogi if u juzz could tell me dat.. Thank you soo much :)
    Reply me: Sarishwaqas@yahoo.com

  6. Hi, i would reallyyyy appreciate it if you could tell me where the bridal lehengas are from? especially the walima one..im looking for that unique style all over but am unable to find it..
    would be great if i got a reply! thnx


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