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Shamima & Erfanul Bengali Engagement Cinipaan

Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_01 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_02 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_04 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_06a Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_08 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_09 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_10 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_11 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_13 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_14 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_15 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_16 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_17 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_18 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_19 Shamima_Erfanul_Cini_Paan_Riverside_Lounge_20a

Shamima & Erfanul Bengali Engagement Cinipaan

A Cini Paan (Sugar and Paan) in the Bengali culture is a day when the elders of the bride and groom get together and discuss the Mahr amount and set the date of the wedding.

Typically Cini Paan ceremonies are a small family meetings at home, however due to the size of both Shamima & Erfanuls immediate families it will be impossible to fit them in a house. So the couple decided to hold the ceremony at beautiful Riverside Lounge restaurant.

Riverside Lounge with its beautiful Arabian interior décor was perfectly fitting for this ceremony.

The bride’s family arrived first, which gave us the opportunity to use the beautiful décor and take some bridal shots. The groom’s family arrived soon after. During Lunch with the permission of the elders we managed to take the bride and groom away for few couple shots.

Looking forward to the wedding set for August 2015.

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