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Shajmin & Faruk – Ismaili Wedding

Shajmin & Faruk – Ismaili Wedding

Let us introduce Shazmin & Faruk! A fun loving couple with tremendous energy and attention to detail. Shazmin a recently qualified Solicitor and Foruk head of Audi showroom have been planning their wedding for the past 18 months.

The celebration stared with the Mehndi Ceremony at the Mercure Hotel Leicester, ending with the wedding at the stunning Collwick Hall in Nottinhgam.

Shazmin & Faruk spent a lot of time adding a personal touch to their wedding ensuring that their guests were presented with variety of mocktails, canepes, delicious 5 star cousins, to the beautiful vintage style setting for the wedding.

We started the Mehndi event with the couple shoot prior to guests arriving, Shazmin and Faruk were dressed in traditional outfits which complemented the stage and the décor. Throughout the event the couple were presented with gifts from friends and family while Mehndi artists sat around applying Mehndi on guests.

Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_01 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_02 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_03 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_04 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_05 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_06

The wedding started with the Nikkah Ceremony followed by the traditional Ismaili Wedding Rituals

Ismaili Wedding Rituals:

Chandlo – The grooms mother greats and blesses the couple by placing a yellow mark on the coupls foreheads, followed by showering them with flower petels which represents good fortune love and prosperity.



Dukhna – The groom’s mother will place her knuckles on either side of the couples’ foreheads which symbolically removes any future misfortune from the couples’ lives. She then places her hands on either side of her own forehead and cracks her knuckles to eliminate all the unfavorable forces. The louder the crack, the more happiness.


Sapatiathis is a fun ritual which involves breaking of two clay pots by the couple. The clay pots contain Lentils which symbolises natures bounty, a coin which represents wealth along with sugar for sweetness and turmeric for good health. The first person to break the clay is said to be the one who will rule the house.


KhoboThe bride is welcomed by the grooms father wo presents her with a tray of silver coins. The bride is invited to cup her hands and take as many coins as she possibly can from the tray. The father then blesses the couple.

Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_19 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_20 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_21 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_22

In between the nikkah and the reception guests were able to enjoy canapés, Ice-cream from the ice-cream trike and the beautiful grounds of the venue.

The setting of the reception was magnificent; you could really see the effort that Shazmin & Faruk have put into the little details, the color coordination, with personalised favors, vintage style candlelit setting, Photo booth for guests, and not forgetting the mouth-watering dishes served for dinner.

Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_11 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_12 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_13

Shazmin & Faruk it has been a pleasure working with you both, we were honored to be part of your day.

Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_07 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_08 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_09 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_10 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_23 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_24 Shazmin_Farouk_Ismaili_Wedding_25

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