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Pre Wedding Shoot – Do I really need to have a pre wedding shoot ?

Do I really need to have a pre wedding shoot and what are the benefits?

Pre-wedding shoots  also known as  Engagement shoots: what are they? and why should you consider a pre wedding shoot ? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then this is the article for you.


An engagement/pre-wedding shoot is simply a photo session put together for the couple several months or weeks before the wedding takes place. Lots of times, these events are very candid and relaxed but this depends purely upon the couple.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Looking for a photographer for a wedding is a challenging task when you keep in mind certain factors on the basis of which you will make your decision. The photographer’s experience, cost, work style etc are typically lauded as being the most important factors of the decision. In actuality, it is the photographer’s personality that can make or break the decision. The way they are and how well they manage to truly connect to the couple is pivotal if you want to get excellent shots of your wedding. Pulling a wedding off is a team effort and it is important for the photographer to be part of a cohesive team that is working towards the success of your most important day.

That being said, it is important to realize that any good photograph is a collaborative effort between the photographer and the couple. So the pre-wedding shoot can help the couple and photographer get to know one another and just help become a team before the actual wedding.

The photographer gets a chance to observe and study the couple. The more that they see of the couple and their dynamics, the easier it will be for them to determine the best style to adopt for taking their pictures. If the couple, one or both, are camera shy and grow stiff in front of a camera, the photographer can switch to an inconspicuous style where they will take pictures from a distance: ensuring that the couple will not notice his presence.

There are many couples who, prior to their wedding photo session, have not met or been faced with a professional photographer. A pre-wedding session helps the couple get more comfortable in the presence of a camera and the photographer. It is the photographer’s responsibility to explain to the couple how they should stand, alone and as a couple, because posing in front of a camera is different than standing normally. The pre-wedding session also helps the couple explain their wants and needs, along with other details like, which side of the face they prefer to be photographed. In a nutshell, a pre-wedding session helps both parties grow more comfortable with each other, thus ensuring that the lines of communication between them on the wedding day will be good.

Not only is the pre-wedding shoot a good opportunity for team building, it also enables the photographer to take some incredible shots of the couple together. Location of the shoot depends on the couple – it can be in a house, another city, an exotic location! Sky is the limit!

Results of the pre-wedding shoot can be utilized in a variety of ways! The couple can use them for a slide show during their wedding reception. They can frame the images and put them up in their new home! They can even print them out and use them in the guest book!

To summarize, a pre-wedding shoot gives the couple a chance to get to know their photographer and the manner in which he/she works and also capture a lovely collection of pictures. It helps the photographer understand the couple’s needs, likes and dislikes so that your special day can be captured in the best way possible.

Here is a link to view images from Pre Wedding Shoots.

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