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Pre Wedding Shoot Richmond Park – Sunny & Simar

Pre Wedding Shoot Richmond Park – Sunny & Simar

Having covered Simar’s Brother Sanj’s wedding back in 2009, Simar naturally decided to book X-quisite for her and Sunnys wedding.

We kick off with Simar & Sunnys Pre Wedding shoot Richmond Park. Simar wanted to do a shoot closer to home and was familiar with the park.

We were blessed with amazing weather that afternoon; autumn season provided an opportunity to capture the beautiful brown/golden scenery of the park.

A lovely sunset also produced a great opportunity for few stunning sunset shots.

Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park01  Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park12 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park11 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park10 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park09 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park08 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park07 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park06 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park05 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park04 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park03 Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park02  Simar_Sunny_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_Richmond_Park13 (Milad Hussain's conflicted copy 2015-04-29)

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