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Photography Styles

Photography Styles – What is your style of photography?

Looking for a good photographer is hardly as simple as it sounds! There are all kinds of photographers out there, defining their work as reportage, classic, photojournalistic, unobtrusive, directed, creative, traditional etc. all these options create a lot of confusion. The confusion only arises when you realize that the classic and traditional looks are visually similar, same goes for the reportage and photojournalistic style! This leaves us with the very important question,  how can one differentiate between the photography styles.

PhotoJournalistic 01

To make things simpler you can categorize it simply by way of a photographers approach to shooting a wedding.

Photographers who follow the photojournalistic style for their photography tend to work in an unobtrusive manner. Their subjects are often unaware of the photographer as the photographer moves around them. A photojournalist will not direct or alter the environment. Rather, they feel that their job is to properly document the day without even being noticed.

Photojournalistic 02

Photojournalistic 03

The images you see here are representative of the photojournalistic style.

Photographers who take the mixed style approach towards a wedding will adapt and adjust their styles depending on the type of event, and what is happening at that moment.

Our personal preference at X-quisite is to take bridal shots once the bride is ready. That way we can direct the bride into more photographic poses which ensures that composition and lighting is perfect. This would be following the creative/fashion/directed style. At the same time, if there are instances where we arrive and the bride is not ready, then we will shift to a photojournalistic style until the bride is ready.

Bride Getting Ready Photojournalistic

Bride Getting Ready Photojournalistic

Bride Getting Ready Directed

Bride Getting Ready Stylised/Directed

We would shoot the ceremony in a photojournalistic style, with added emphasis to get the best coverage possible while remaining inconspicuous. Once the ceremony is done, we will shift into a classic approach for group shots, that way we can make sure that everyone is standing in the right spot and looking at the camera.

Couple shots are done in the same way a fashion photographer would take pictures of models. The couples are directed into different poses that look great photographically in different locations, for the end result of getting glamorous shots that mimic what you see in high end magazines.  Depending on the couple we may choose to direct the couple yet shoot from a distance so that the shots have a very natural feel despite being directed.



When looking for a photographer forget about all the technical jargon, pick the photographer whose work you are drawn to the most. After this, have a sit down with them and talk about what their style and approach is, and what style they predominantly shoot in. Ask to see examples of their work, albums & portfolio, which can help you determine their approach, Then ask yourself will this photographers style or approach work for you.

If you feel that the photographer feels right – then you’ve managed to find yourself the right photographer.

To establish our style of work please feel free to look trough our albums.

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