Mohinur & Reema's Wedding at the Grand Connaught Rooms
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Mohinur & Reema’s Wedding at the Grand Connaught Rooms

Grand Connaught Rooms Wedding – Mohinu & Reema

As photographers, we often take it for granted what takes place behind the scene to execute a successful wedding event. We often have the pleasure of capturing the end results of the hard work put in by industry professionals from hair & makeup, to the decor, cake, venue lighting, DJ and not to mention the effort put in by the bride and groom in selecting every detail from their outfits and jewellery to what canapes, starters, mains to be served to guests.

Mohinur & Reema made no compromise when it came to selecting the wedding services and  professionals in the industry who was able to execute their vision for their wedding. The bespoke wedding decor was provided by Enchanted By Syma, makeup by Summaya, hair by Shamalah Hair Stylist, Cake by Asian Wedding Cakes and catering and event coordination by Premier.

Below are few images from their grand wedding at the Grand Connaught Rooms.



Mohinur_Reema_Wedding_Grand_Connaught_Rooms_02 Mohinur_Reema_Wedding_Grand_Connaught_Rooms_04 Mohinur_Reema_Wedding_Grand_Connaught_Rooms_05 Mohinur_Reema_Wedding_Grand_Connaught_Rooms_06 Mohinur_Reema_Wedding_Grand_Connaught_Rooms_08

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