Milad & Junior on Safari in Kenya

October 2013

After a solid week of shooting a wedding in Kenya Junior and I decided to take the opportunity and go on a two-day safari, while Naz decided to relax at the resort. Our journey started at 5am in the morning, The race to get deep into the Tsavo East National Park to see the Lions begun, although we did not see the Lions on the first day we were not disappointed with close encounters with the Red Elephants, Giraffes , Zebras, Hyena’s, wild Bore’s, Leopard’s, Gazelle’s, buffalo’s to mention a few.
After our overnight stay at a lodge in the middle of nowhere surrounded by wild animals, the race to see the lions begun again this time at 6am, just as we were about to give up on seeing the lions, there they were, a whole family sleeping off a meal caught earlier.
Our most memorable visit was to a Masai village where we met the chief and all his wives, and took part in their traditional village dance.

IMG_0201 IMG_0229 IMG_0679 IMG_0933 IMG_0986 IMG_0998 IMG_1092 IMG_1114 IMG_1146 IMG_1150 IMG_1239 IMG_1266 IMG_1463 IMG_1779 IMG_1809 IMG_1857 IMG_1945 IMG_2104


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful shots of wild life. You have really captured some excellent shots, which I have enjoyed thoroughly.

  2. Message for Milad………….

    Your pictures are amazing!!! I think i may have career change in photography!


  3. Wow. really good images. i love the whole feel to your imagery. the exposure you have to different environments is so cool. great work


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