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Junior & Sherean Period Drama Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot

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Junior & Sherean Period Drama Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot

The inspiration for this shoot came about after I started watching a period drama on BBC called Paeky Blinders. Those of you who have seen Peaky Blinders will know that ┬áits an epic gangster drama set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham in the 1920’s. The sets, costumes and lighting are absolutely phenomenal and Peaky Blinders has won many Bafta awards for photography and lighting.

Junior & Sherean are getting married May 2015, Junior having graduated from film school, an established photographer and currently working as a lighting specialist on film sets, understood exactly what I meant when I explained to him that I wanted to base their pre wedding shoot on Peaky Blinders.

To achieve the look similar to the drama required three elements, wardrobe, location and lighting. After discussing the wardrobe with Junior & Sherean they knew exactly what they needed to wear for the shoot.

The location was key to establish the look, and as the drama is predominantly based around the docks and canals of 1920’s Birmingham, the closest accessible location we could think of were the Camden Canals, which has still been preserved.

We started the shoot an hour before sunset and decided to use the Bridges and Canal towpath with docked Barges. Once the sun has set we decided to shoot around the Pirates Bay now called The Pirates Club, this area of the Canal has been fully preserved and you could almost imagine how it was like back in the days.

Lighting was achieved with the aid of two assistants, several portable LED video lights with warm gels, a Lowel GL _1 and off camera flash also with a warm filter.

The images then needed to be treated in Photoshop; film grain was also added to complete the Period Drama Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot with Junior & Sherean.

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