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Destination Wedding Photography Tips – Searching For the Right Photographer!

Destination Wedding Photography Tips

If you are planning to have a wedding abroad, then your Wedding Photographer is going to be a very important investment which will require some considerable consideration. There are many photographers who have an online presence for their global clients.

Your Wedding memories captured by your photographer will stay with you for lifetime. With all the different options available for Destination Wedding Photography, which photographer should you choose?

destination wedding photography in florence

Selecting a Destination Wedding Photographer means considering a new set of factors

Does the photographer have an International portfolio? That reflects on the photographers experience and how quickly they can adapt to their surroundings.  How much have they travelled? Are they familiar with the location where you plan on hosting your wedding? Photographers who travel a lot know how to best utilize time and their equipment in different locations.

If possible, and it is best that you do, arrange a meeting with the Photographer. It can be face to face or it can be a video call on Skype – see what kind of person they are and if you can work with them. This will help you immediately decide whether or not they will gel with you.

You should pick a Destination/ International Wedding Photographer who has an excellent portfolio that showcases the different locations where they have travelled and is clear on what you want. Selecting the right photographer will ensure that your wedding photos are captured beautifully with maximum impact, a well-travelled photographer will know how to manage time effectively and will make the right decisions in regards to locations to shoot and will be able to pre-visualise what to shoot, most importantly they will also know how to work in different lighting environments.

Before selecting any photographer from many out there, be sure to discuss the following: travel, accommodation and associated costs. Discuss what day the photographer will arrive, its recommended that’s the photographer or their team arrive a day earlier especially if your destination wedding is at a tropical or a very clod destination, as the photographers equipment will need to be acclimatised and batteries will need to be recharged and the unfortunate circumstances of flight delays.

Find out if the photographer has necessary insurance for travel and equipment, if your events are spaced over several days are there any costs for transit days?  Also how will you receive your images, and album?

Expect to pay for travel, accommodation, transfers, visa etc. for the photographer and an assistant, as all well-established photographers will require an assistant. Arrangements should be made to accommodate the photographer and assistant or their team at the same hotel as your guests.

So a perfect Photographer for your destination wedding will be someone with a portfolio that demonstrates they are able to produce excellent work at any given destination, who has the experience to pre visualise locations and shots so that they can utilise time effectively.

Why Choose X-quisite?

X-quisite’s photographers and videographers have covered weddings in cities all over the globe like Tuscany, Rome, Greece, Santorini, Venice, Italy, Malaysia, Paris, Thailand, Chennai, Bali, India, Spain, Goa, Kenya and Dubai.

You can view a gallery of destination wedding photos here: Destination Weddings



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