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Central London Pre Wedding Shoot

Central London pre Wedding Shoot -Shazia & Athar

Shazia decided to wear her beautiful Civil Wedding Dress for the Pre Wedding shoot, We decided to meet at the center of Trafalgar Square and start our shoot from there. On the day of the shoot the weather in the morning seemed promising however the forecast for the afternoon was cloudy with a high chance of rain. As Shazia was wearing her wedding dress and booked a makeup artist, there was no turning back. We decided to meet around 2pm, which will give us enough time to catch daylight shots and early evening shots.

Athar had to drive into central London and try and find parking, luckily although there was major traffic he was able to find a car park close to Trafalgar Square.

By the time of the shoot the sky was turning dark and dramatic and was about to pour down at any moment, we had to work fast as we had planned to cover several landmarks. Once we managed to capture few shots at Trafalgar Square we then walked down to the embankment crossing over Hungerford Bridge arriving close to the Millennium Wheel and the House of Parliament.

owards the end of the shoot it was just pouring down, as we were taking shelter under some scaffolding, we noticed a nice alleyway and decided to finish off the night on a high with a shot of the couple in the rain.

Despite the gusty winds, drizzle and the gothic sky, you just have to make the best of what you have, and managed to capture some stunning shots of the couple.

Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_01 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_02 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_03 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_04 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_05 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_06 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_07 Shazia_Athar_Central_London_Pre_Wedding_Shoot_09


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