Bollywood Themed Santorini Pre-Wedding Shoot Music Video

October 2013
Santorini Pre Wedding Shoot

Bollywood Themed Santorini Pre-Wedding Shoot Music Video

If you were to describe Arti & Nick,  you could sum it up in one word “Bollywood”. The couple love Bollywood, the romance, the glamour, the colours, the music, and the beautiful locations used in music videos.

When Arti & Nick approached us to shoot a Bollywood themed video which was to be played at their reception before their grand entrance, we did just that.

Taking inspiration from Bollywood, we knew this task would be challenging. A signature style Bollywood music video contains beautiful locations, lots of  outfit changes and  lip-synching to the song.

One of Arti & Nick’s recent favorites from Bollywood is the movie called “Bang Bang” which coincidentally  happens to have a music video shot in Santorini.

As well as a photo shoot, shooting a music video simultaneously with limited access to locations, outfit changes, makeup & hair, and a time limit of just over three days was defiantly very challenging, however at the same time  a lot of fun.

We hope you enjoy the the Bollywood Themed Santorini Pre-Wedding Shoot Music Video as much as we loved shooting it. Behind the scenes video coming soon…


  1. Well done X-quisite. You guys are getting better and better. I love the aerial filming; another dimension to your wonderful work.


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