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Save The Date Wedding Invitation Video London

Sameer & Suheila’s Save The Date Wedding Invitation Video London

It all started with a conversation over tea in a Central London cafe, Sameer & Suheila wanted to do something different for their invitation and was considering shooting a video which can be sent to their relatives as part of the invitation pack.

With the wedding date fast approaching, we had few weeks to free up our schedules, come up with a concept for the Save The Date Invitation video shoot, purchase any props, gain permissions to locations we want to shoot and then actually shoot, edit, replicate 200 copies and then post out to guest all over the world.

With the wedding season in full throttle and the couple working and studying it seemed like an impossible task, however we were so excited to do something different and fun.

So we started bouncing ideas around in terms of what we can do and where to shoot. The night before the shoot Sameer & Suheila went out shopping for props, we discussed ideas of them painting the dates of the events on canvases during the shoot, Sameer was also able to arrange private access to the Natural History Museum for half hour after the museum was closed.

On the day of the shoot, the Sameer, Suheila and myself were not entirely sure how we are going to pull this off, we had a lot to do in one single day with very little planning. The video had to be fun, quirky, and not cheesy and a reflection of the couples personality, so as you can see there was no pressure!!

I wanted to keep the video simple and focused on the couple, so we started with placing the couple in St James Park where they could paint the signs we needed for the event and invitation dates, after that we went with the flow and just made up as we went along.

As I was shooting I came up with the idea of trying stop motion for some scenes, which then developed into the theme for the shoot. With the limited time we had I knew it would be impossible to shoot the whole video in stop motion, so we decided to shoot only certain parts.

Despite racing against time, enduring the cold, cabbing from one part of London to another, working without any storyboard and little preparation, it was tremendous fun shooting this video and working with Sameer & Suheila.

We hope you enjoy the video.

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