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Pre Wedding Shoot London Shard

We are delighted to introduce Kajan & Bhanu who decided to have their Pre Wedding Shoot at the London Sky Garden and St Cathrine’s Dock. The Sky Garden with its Panoramic views of London including the shard was the perfect location for their shoot.

Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0023 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0046 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0069 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0087 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0095 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0095 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0111 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0117 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0126 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0189 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0203  Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0231 Kajan&Bhanu_PreWedding_ 0276

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