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Film Noir Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot


The opportunity to try something new is always exciting. Working with Sameer & Suhiela gave us a perfect opportunity to push the boundaries and create some stunning shots.

After the success of their Save The Date Invitation Video, we decided to do a Film Noir Conceptual Pre Wedding Shoot . Ever since we have met Sameer & Suheila it was apparent they were the perfect couple. After discussing the concept for the shoot we started planning the wardrobe, lighting, and location and decided to work with few key characteristics of Film Noir.

The Setting:

The settings in Film Noir are usually in urban rundown scenes with dark alleys and corners, I could not think of a more fitting location then Camden Town. Camden Stables have some amazing locations which was perfect for our theme.


The Story:

During The Shoot we wanted to keep to a narrative which was of a girl(Shueila) being secretly pursued by a mysterious guy (Sameer), the first few images captured was introducing Shueila and then few of Sameer in which you cannot really see his eyes to keep to the mystery, the next few shots were of Suheila becoming aware of Sameers presence and eventually they both get together and walk off into the dark night.

X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_04 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_07 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_08


Lighting is one of the key features of the Film Noir genre; dramatic lighting with strong shadows and darkness creates the mysterious feel to the images.

To create the dramatic lighting pattern and to be mobile on an outdoor shoot, two assistants with Lowell ID and Lowell GL1 video lights was required along with off camera flash.

X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_09 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_15 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_17 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_18 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_19


The male characters are always in suits and hats; women are seen in red lipsticks, high heels, elbow length gloves etc.

After discussing the wardrobe, Sameer and Suheila did an amazing job in selecting their outfits and accessories, which was perfect for the theme.



Reflections are often used in Film Noir genre to create excitement.

We love using reflections and this was not going to be an exception. During the shoot we have been scouring for locations, which we could use,  just as we were about to give up we came a cross a double glass doors at the bottom of Gilgamesh Thai Restaurant

Placing Sameer & Suheila in between the double glass doors, and lighting them separately created some really interesting reflections.

X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_11 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_12 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_13 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_14


On the day of the shoot Sameer & Suheila turned up dressed in their Film Noir themed look. Sameer purchased an array of hats from which we selected the one that suited the theme.

We decided to hold the shoot late in the evening as the sun was going down, as the theme of the shoot was dark and dramatic. We had couple of locations in mind and the rest was chosen as we walked about the stables market.

Having two assistants for this shoot was a must as it allowed us to work fast and effectively on any location.

During the shoot as you can expect the British weather did not disappoint and started raining, however we were determined not to allow the rain to ruin the shoot, in fact we used the rain to our advantage and managed to capture some amazing shots by back lighting the couple in the rain which also went really well with the Story.

X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_21 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_22 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_23 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_24 X-quisite-Pre-Wedding-Film-Noir-Themed-Shoot_25

Below is behind the scene video of us on location for the shoot.

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    Milad, you are a true artist. You and your team work such magic! Bravo!

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